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        Gstar gtcombo 4K高清組合電視盒安卓DVB ISDBT ATSCC Wifi BT4.1

        更新:2022/3/5 16:21:04      點擊:
        • 產品品牌   Gstar
        • 產品型號   Gstar gtcombo 4K
        • 產品描述



        產品名稱:Gstar gtcombo 4K高清組合電視盒安卓DVB ISDBT ATSCC Wifi BT4.1

        產品型號:Gstar gtcombo


        1.Android 9.0 TV BOX+DVB-S/S2/S2X,DVB+T/T2/Cable/ATSC-C(J.83B)/ISDBT, AVS+
        HEVC main 10 profile(10bit),AUTO BISS,T2MI,GTFeeds,YUV422,Gtshare

        2.Amlogic S905X3 2GBRAM +16GBROM

        3.Support  4K ultra-high definition display and decoder, Dual-core MIPS75Kf processors;

        4. Support Unicable, DiSEqC1.0/1.1/1.2/USALS Motor fully support;

        5.Support Full PowerVu, DRE &Biss key;  AUTO BISS

        6.Built-in Wifi 2.4G/5G+BT4.1, 802.1.1b/g/n/ac

        7.System is GT UI, GTStore Addons pre-installed.
        Netflix, Youtube, Prime-Video, Disney Plus, Online movies, etc.
        Support SAT2 IP, GTshare APP

        8.Support IPTV on GTPlayer,

        9.Support CCCAM, NEWCAM, MGCAM, and CA card decoding;

        10.Technical support website : www.freesat.cn

        Note: We reserve the right to change the design and OEM/ODM supported